About TKS

TKS Concrete Specialist Inc. is a Central Illinois based concrete construction company created in January, 2004 by Troy Smith.

After 10 years of working in the trade, Troy had developed a firm sense of the concrete construction industry. He also possessed a strong drive to form a company that could represent both his talent for the art of concrete construction and his desire to provide clients with amazing customer service that could not be matched. Troy’s experience in the field began with working in the private sector doing residential projects. While working for a well-respected construction company, he was quickly recognized as someone who was self- motivated and hard working. It didn’t take long after starting as a form laborer for him to quickly move up the ladder. Having worked in each level of the production side of the company, it allowed him to fully experience and appreciate how each position had a direct impact on the end result.

We are a relationship based company and operating with this core is what separates us from our competitors. We believe that by treating each of our clients, employees, & vendors with a high level of value and respect, we have the ability to create long lasting relationships while setting standards of superior customer satisfaction that can’t be beat!

Over the last decade, Troy has expanded from mostly residential projects into the commercial & agricultural sector as well as all types of decorative concrete. Troy now spends his time making sure the field operations, project management and job costing are all on track; as well as networking and estimating future projects. By working closely with the foremen and their team, he makes sure that everyone is in sync with each other, resulting in completed projects that will stand the test of time.